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Hotel Playa Blanca, the most visited

The long journey to undertake national and international tourists by the Salar de Uyuni is a unique supplement: it is the Hotel Playa Blanca without three or five stars is the structure accessed every day. Don Teodoro
Colquhoun, born in the town of Colchani, is the author of the construction of this singular work of magnitude, besides being an attraction in the middle plain of the Great Salt Lake, is the most popular and appreciated by international tourists who come to place in convoys of vehicles 350 to 500 visitors daily.
The author of the work he was pleased to contribute to the development of national tourism. This place of rest that also serves for snacks or to spend the night, has all the amenities and is built from blocks of salt, wood and straw waterproof.
The visionary city was that this building was created in 1992 during the administration of then government of President Jaime Paz Zamora, who was entrusted the task of preparing a platform for the signing of an agreement for operation of the battery with a U.S. company. So this site little by little won crowd of tourists and since then it planned to build the house on the white beach.
Despite contrary opinions to the construction of this great house of rest, Teodoro Colquhoun had the luxury of opening the building of salt in 1995 and now occupies a privileged place in the country's tourism activity with a good financial move, so continuously receives recognition from the authorities and institutions. Faced with unprecedented growth
Tourism and the announcement of construction of roads and an international airport in Uyuni, which widen the influx of foreign visitors to the region, Colquhoun maintains hope for a development of the country and the region.

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Uyuni Tourism generates income for residents of Uyuni

Tourism is of vital importance for the development of Uyuni and it is necessary to intensify work with the support of national and departmental authorities. "This region grows rapidly by the presence of foreign visitors, "the leader of the neighboring Oil Board, Bartholomew Ayala.
Due to the remarkable economic movement generated by tourism in the region requires its citizens to organize themselves better, that is required for early development and implementation of road works to provide better service to foreign visitors.
Uyuni In the center are in operation approximately 65 travel agencies which, according to Ayala, should upgrade, expand facilities and improve treatment mainly to tourists.
Currently, the town of Uyuni, located south Bolivia's Potosi department, employs approximately 35,000 people in four provinces, the revenue of the region depend on mining and the influx of tourism. Subsequently, this region could grow by the great wealth that remains in the Great Salt Tunupa. DEVELOPMENT

The concentration of large amount of lithium in the Salar de Uyuni is a hope of development of the region and country, as their processing will allow for significant income.

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Tourism Fair launches bid for Easter

Travel: Agencies present new destinations and the opportunity to spend three holidays differently than usual.

A month before Easter, the tourist destinations await visitors. International Tourism Fair (FIT-Bolivia) provides the public options in each department.

The fifteenth version of the FIT-Bolivia, the biggest event of the item that takes place in the Circle of Officers of the Army, brings 12 foreign delegations, tourism companies and authorities of the nine departments of Bolivia and about 50 municipalities determined to show the benefits of their offerings.

According to Martin Cariaga, president of the Fair, with more than 390 companies and institutions registered, among which is travel agencies, hotels, buses and guides. Involved 800 delegates and "we hope to welcome more than 10,000 visitors" until tonight, when completed the Fair, whose entrance is free.

travel options. Places like Copacabana Coroico and are destinations where people go by tradition and faith. However, for this year, one of the offers referred to an exploration of the caves of Toro Toro, Potosi Department, to which it currently opens a path from the Imperial City.

Another possibility is to go to Sucre to find the footprints of dinosaurs in the Cretaceous of Cal Park Ork'oy Catholic churches which are usually visited in the White City.

The spa Chor, in Roboré, Santa Cruz, is one of the destinations offered.

also offered a tour of the reconstructed colonial churches in the highlands of La Paz and Oruro. Cooperativa Minera

Heart of Jesus offers a tour of the places that operated in the department of Oruro. The organizers offer a package for only 25 bolivianos to enter inside the mine. They say that visitors come to the level at which flooding begins in complete darkness and, for that will provide helmets and boots. Although

Coroico is a fairly common destiny, the offer is no longer limited to touch or walk through waterfalls, and now poses a "Coffee tour" by the community of chaplaincy.

The Chaco expected visitors to show their main towns and cities in between, as Yacuiba, El Palmar, Sanandita, Villamontes or Camiri, and touring the Pilcomayo River in a boat before enjoying a plate of fish on its shores.

To highlight

Unlike past years, the fair generated great expectations and public assistance increased significantly.

The business conference was installed in office for the panelists to share their products and services.